They See Us Rollin' | BUFF® #LiveMoreNow Part 2

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The summer is rollin' and so are we! I have never considered myself much of a cross-trainer when it comes to marathon training but while thinking over this post, I've realized my life is cross-training.

I run for cumulatively about 6 hours a week and thankfully the rest of my hours are spent with my three kiddos. As much as these boys like to move, I'm now considering them my cross-training — especially now that our 6-month-old is mobile and very busy.

Biking is by far a favorite activity for our 5- and 3-year-old boys whenever the roads aren't covered in snow. Now that their biking legs have built up strength again after the long winter, they are rolling on their bikes near daily.

The baby and I just need to keep up!

The weather isn't much of a deterrent. Sometimes in the early Spring, they even bike in their snow pants! The weather can't stop them as long as the roads are clear.

This Spring there have been many biking adventures when I'm wearing my cozy BUFF® Braidy Hat to keep warm yet my oldest is still just in a t-shirt (that's a whole other issue...). We have a few different routes in town and driving to the bike path in a neighboring park is even more fun.

Since having kids I have been mainly a stroller runner but I hope to do more biking again as our kids get older. Now that our weather has really heated up, my oldest and I were able to bike in front of our house while the two younger boys watched.

If this heat sticks around — today it's 90°F! — I may have to retire the cool weather gear til Fall and stick to my BUFF® Trucker Tech Cap instead. The weather this year changed gears quickly all in the same month! Thankfully BUFF® has gear to cover all the seasons for kids, adults and even pets.

With this being my peak week of training for Grandma's Marathon, I can definitely feel the cumulative fatigue of running and being so active during the day. Hopefully it will all pay off on race day! I'm tired but the taper is near and life is too short to sit still. These kids really know how to #LiveMoreNow!

How will you #LiveMoreNow this week?
I will share one more #LiveMoreNow adventure with you next week!

#Gmas18 Training W13 Recap

Follow along the 16-week journey as I train for my 10th 26.2, the Grandma’s Marathon coming up on June 16, 2018. I look forward to running with fellow BibRave Pros Angie, Amy and Jenn!




Easy Effort 7 mi, 01:04 @ 09:08 pace and it was already almost 60°F at 5:30 am! I like it!


Marathon Goal Pace 8.35 mi, 01:03 @ 07:29 pace run this morning before our 2nd boy’s third birthday celebration! Followed by errands, Happy Meals at McD's for the kids and picking up a neighbor/friend at the airport :)


(Treadmill) Easy Effort 5 mi, 00:46 @ 09:09 pace birthday miles (woop!) while finishing the “Moana” movie with the kids. It was a pretty cute movie though maybe a little scary for the kids in parts. We were at the State Park with friends all morning so it was nice to take a break inside before supper.


Easy Effort 3.15 mi, 00:30 @ 09:31 pace before one more 20-miler this weekend.


Long Run 18.06 mi, 02:34 @ 08:31 pace that was supposed to be 20-miler #3. I ran five days in a row this week because of all the fun birthday things going on. The training runs got done but I went into this long run already wiped. By mile 5 I could feel this wasn’t going to be pretty. 80°F temps and just a plain tired body lead me to cut the last two miles off. It was good decision overall and now I’m taking TWO days off to recover from this intense week! (And choosing not to beat myself up for cutting the run short and struggling through it in general...)



TOTAL MILEAGE: 41.56 miles

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  1. I hope you get to enjoy some nice weather this weekend! Chasing young kids (and pushing that stroller!) is definitely cross training.

    1. It sure wears me out, that's for sure! I love it though :) Happy running, Judy!

  2. I used to love biking and running next to my kids when they were that age. Enjoy!

    1. We'll keep working at it and hopefully we can run a 5k together soon - oldest on a bike and the two littles in the jogging stroller!

  3. Great week of training! I can imagine doing 20 on Saturday was tough- HOT! But I suppose Grandma's could be hot too, you never know! But fingers crossed it's not, I feel like it's due for a nice cool year:)

    1. Uff, it sounds like Grandma's was blazing hot last year! I need to get heat acclimated ASAP!

  4. Ha! My boys used to ride alongside while I ran. Their biggest complaint was that I was "too slow"...

    1. Hahaha at least they weren't dragging behind! My dog always seemed to complain that I was going to fast back when he ran with me. Now he's retired :)

  5. You'll be perfectly fine with 18 miles. It's more about effort than miles anyway -- and you put in a lot of effort this week. I really enjoy cycling and it's a great family activity too! Thanks for linking. Enjoy your taper!

    1. Thank you for the reassurance, Holly, I know I will especially need that during the taper crazies!!!

  6. I am loving this time of year as well. I don't own any of the Buff products but know people that really like them.

    1. The BUFF products have been great! I hope you have a great summer :)


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