Cozy Gear for Cool Running | BUFF® ThermoNet Review

Disclaimer: I received this BUFF® ThermoNet Gear to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Just in time for the gorgeous Fall weather and racing season (well, everyone else is racing except me!) I was introduced to some amazing cool weather running gear. The mornings have been in the 40 to 50°F range, which is honestly still pretty toasty, but the freezing temps will be here soon enough.

Regardless of the temp, I believe running outdoors in *most weather is do-able, with the right gear. *Within reason. Not reasonable: hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, skin-melting-off heat, extreme limb-freezing cold, etc.

As a BibRave Pro, I received a BUFF® ThermoNet Hat and ThermoNet Multifunctional Headwear in the beautiful pink/purple Crash Berry pattern. The ThermoNet product line uses PrimaLoft® technology to hold in the heat, but not the moisture.

How Does ThermoNet Work?

Per the BUFF® USA site:
“ThermoNet™ fabric uniquely blends PrimaLoft® yarn and the BUFF® ® brand’s long-standing knitting expertise to create a fabric that delivers four times the insulation as BUFF® ™ headwear’s Original microfiber products. The hydrophobic, wicking fibers of ThermoNet® move moisture away from the skin while trapping heat inside, keeping you comfortable and dry even in the coldest conditions.” (source)

The ThermoNet product line features the ThermoNet Hat and Multifunctional Headwear in a bunch of awesome patterns. The Multifunctional Headwear is super versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

Exactly HOW versatile is the ThermoNet Multifunctional Headwear? 

I decided to test out BUFF®'s "ways to wear" guide by using my ThermoNet gear as a Hair Tie, Neckerchief + Hat (my preferred usage!), Do Rag (not a good look for me), and the Face Mask (the best for frozen winter runs).

The seamless design makes it a cinch to wear whichever way works best for you and the weather that day!

I love that the BUFF® ThermoNet gear is lightweight and breathable while still offering highly-thermal insulation, even mimicking the warmth of down! The durable PrimaLoft® yarn is actually FOUR TIMES warmer than regular microfiber. I know I will appreciate that, especially running through our winter months.

Layers are key for running through the winters in Minnesota and choosing the right materials is very important. Sweat- and condensation-drenched cotton layers will freeze, making you all kinds of miserable on sub-zero runs... I've learned that the hard way!

Flashback to winter running. Brrr.

Basically, this ThermoNet gear is ideal for cool weather layering because its high warmth-to-weight ratio means you don’t need dress bulky to stay warm. That's quality layers that get the job done without creating an appearance similar to the Michelin Man!

Here's an amazing deal to take advantage of ASAP (expires 11/17/2017!):
Receive 20% off your entire order at when you purchase at least one product from the ThermoNet™ collection. Includes ThermoNet™ Multifunctional Headwear, Hats or Balaclavas. Enter code: *BIBRAVETHERMONET20* at checkout.

The ThermoNet Multifunction Headwear and ThermoNet Hat are available for $27 each, plus, BUFF® USA's official site offers free shipping on orders over $39. Join us for #BibChat with BUFF on November 14th at 8 pm CT!

B3 Pregnancy: Week 35 Wrap-Up

We hit PINEAPPLE status this week! Speaking of Fall racing, one year ago today I ran the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon... two weeks after running the Wild Hog Marathon. It seems quite hilarious to think about running 26.2 miles in my current state, just 20 lbs heavier and carrying a pineapple-sized baby and all.

As the 35th week is closing, I look forward to crossing the finish of this baby-growing marathon as well. Baby is hanging low, my hips feel all loosy-goosy and we're all SO excited to meet our baby! Now that I'm breaking out the baby gear, even the littlest boy is getting excited about "his baby".


2 mile run/walk with the kids and dog. E rode his bike for a mile, rode the stroller for a half mile and then helped push the stroller for the last half mile. W rode contentedly. He's a happy passenger!




3 mile run/walk with the kids and dog to get some groceries. Both passengers rode for the majority of the trip but E did walk home, because the groceries stole his spot in the stroller ;)


Ekhart Yoga's Runners Yoga video (25:28)


2 treadmill miles with 1/4 mile intervals of running and walking. I love the treadmill during the last weeks of pregnancy! The bathroom is close, the incline is adjustable and I don't need to push the extra weight of our jogging stroller + kiddos out in the wind. Win, win, win.


Ekhart Yoga's Morning Bliss Yoga video (21:42)



Are you a hardcore all-weather runner or do you prefer to stick indoors? (Not judging, I promise!)

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  1. It is definitely almost time to pull out all the winter gear! Great review

  2. It is hard to think about winter running gear when it has been unseasonably warm here, in the 80s lately.

    1. Oh I bet it is! Once our weather cools down (especially over the winter), it's hard to remember what the warm temps feel like. It's funny how our body adjusts to the seasons! 40 degrees in the winter feels "balmy" ;)

  3. I love my Buff! I swear it does EVERYTHING. I need to get a ThermoNet one now because the cold will be here before we know it. And there's no way I'm hibernating!

    1. Exactly! Winter is just too long to be stuck inside the whole time!

  4. Oh, I'm a hardcore opt-outside runner, year round. I'm in Iowa, so I have very similar weather as you. I have a treadmill, but seldom use it (#boring) I love using buffs! I have a couple from races, and just got another one last weekend in the swag ;-)

    1. For sure, the treadmill is perfect for dangerous weather - blizzards or ridiculous cold are good enough reasons for me to hit the 'mill ;) BUFFs would be the perfect race swag. I love that!

  5. Outdoors it is! But, we have mild winters. Although it will get cold, snow and ice are rare occurrences. A pineapple! Wow, you are getting so close to meeting your new little. You look amazing too! Thanks for linking.

    1. It's your heat and humidity that would be a killer, Holly! I'm really not sure what's worse - freezing temps or 90% humidity with heat... I think the heat is harder on my body!

  6. This little piece of fabric truly is so versatile isn't it! It'll do just about anything with it!
    I love the color you have too! You are in the home stretch of your baby growing marathon. You know many compare pregnancy to running a marathon. There's a future post idea for you!

    1. Totally - it's amazing how much you can do with it and how effective this material is! I wish I would have invented it myself :) Or at least discovered this product back when I first started running! P.S. Love that future post idea, too. Pregnancy and marathoning are near identical!

  7. Excellent review, Amy! This gadget is so necessary and practical, especially for runners. I am getting it as soon as possible!


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