Feeling Strong During Pregnancy | B3 20 Weeks

Gaining 10 pounds over the course of five months can be a shock to the system! While this is perfectly normal (and healthy) during pregnancy, your body goes through SO many changes, SO fast, while growing a baby.

This pregnancy with our third baby has been identical to my pregnancies with the boys. Up ten pounds at week 20 and enjoying the "golden" second trimester. Though my belly is feeling bigger than last time and my Gabrialla maternity belt is being used on every run.

Besides being tired from usual life with two littles and sporadically waking up at night (night potty training struggles and cutting 2-year molars), I'm feeling really great.

My motivation to exercise does decrease during pregnancy, partly because my "competitive fire" disappears while growing a baby, but I know exercising regularly is one of the main reasons I DO feel strong right now. It certainly helped during pregnancy and postpartum with our boys!

Exercise takes time but it is time well spent! 

Just 30 minutes of exercise a day makes a BIG difference. It doesn't have to be fancy. Bodyweight strength training while cooking supper counts too.

8 Pregnancy-Specific Benefits of Exercise

  • Builds stronger bones, muscles and maintains healthy joints to support growing baby
  • Improves your mood and your sleep
  • Less backaches and fatigue
  • Increases stamina for labor
  • Strengthens and improves flexibility in muscles needed for childbirth
  • Keeps digestive system working properly (reducing effects of constipation!)
  • Reduces stress while increasing focus and concentration
  • Strong muscles burn more calories1

Disclaimer: Check with your doctor or midwife before beginning an exercise regimen or trying something new. I am not your personal trainer!

What kind of exercises are we talking?

Choose pregnancy-safe activities that improve your cardiovascular system, your strength and flexibility. Running and light strength training are my favorite forms of exercise. While running isn't for everyone, a 30-minute walk provides health benefits as well.

Ben Greenfield's Ab Exercises for Pregnancy offers great ideas for pregnancy-safe core work. While pregnant, I replace crunches or planks with opposite arm/leg extensions and dumbbell thrusters along with others from Ben's list. These exercises are more comfortable through the later months of pregnancy and they strengthen my core to better support my growing baby.

Whether it's running, walking, prenatal yoga, swimming, strength training or chasing toddlers, there are so many ways to get out and be active! Stay hydrated, count your blessings and keep moving this summer :)
For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:8

B3 Pregnancy: Week 20 Wrap-Up

Baby Rocket is a BANANA this week. He or she has been moving regularly and is sitting just below my belly button. The little boys really aren't interested in baby but I think that will change when they can feel/see kicking on the outside of my belly.

We did get bunk beds for them this week and that's been pretty awesome! They have their "Big Boy Fortress" all ready now (minus the sheets currently in the wash). Now to work through more of my To-Do List before baby's arrival this Fall...


3.1 mile run with double stroller


Strength Training: Push mowing the lawn, yard work... exhausted.


3 miles with the double stroller paired with a trip to the grocery store. The rain caught up to us for the last .25 miles but the kids got a kick out of it and the groceries were fine!


We went for a walk by the river, played by the dock and went out for a tractor ride with Daddy. Then E had his second Teeny Ball practice for the year. After putting the kids to bed, I did a short strength training workout with three sets of 10 squats and core work (bridge and arm/leg extensions).


3 early morning miles with our dog and listening to some tunes. I love that the sun rises so early now! Getting out the door in the morning was hard over the winter when it was still dark as night. The sun makes it much easier.


4 mile run in the windy, rain and cold. Weird June weather! I ran without the belly band today and felt good. Could have used a bathroom break or two!



Are you a morning, mid-day or evening exerciser?

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Source Included in Post:
1 "The Christian Childbirth Handbook" by Jennifer Vanderlaan


  1. I'm definitely a morning exerciser. If I don't get it done first thing, I'll be on the struggle bus to get it done later. Love the photo with your dog. Too cute!

    1. I feel the same way, Amy! It's so much harder to fit in a workout later in the day.

  2. I need at least an hour after I get up before I can run, so I'm more of a mid-morning exerciser. Thankfully I work from home, so I can make that work for me.

  3. Oops my last comment was from my personal account...

  4. I'm definitely more of an early morning gal, but I can also do other times as well. I hardly exercised at all throughout my three pregnancies, but was lucky that the weight came off pretty easily. My life is very different now, thank goodness!

  5. Running is exhausting and cannot imagine running with a double stroller!! Great job!

    I do like running in the morning but sometimes I am too lazy/tired to get up and by then it is too hot and I run on the treadmill or wait till the evening. During the school year I usually run after school which is really the LAST thing I want to do after work.

  6. I can definitely see where motivation to exercise can become less during pregnancy, especially while chasing after 2 Littles! You do a great job pulling everything off!

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