Blustering Blizzards

The snow. It's here!

Today is a whopping 0°F but I can't complain. The snow and cold are just a reminder that I do in fact live in northern Minne(snow)ta! I was starting to wonder on those 40 degree November days.

Besides Monday and Tuesday morning last week, the weather has been too cold to play outside with the little ones. We have managed to keep busy and burn their energy while indoors. Our basement is what I call the "rec room". We run, play hockey, have ball wars and run some more. Anything to burn off toddler energy.

We have baked TWO batches of "birthday cookies" for Jesus (you know, because I only have birthday sprinkles in the house!) and the sugar rush is running strong here.

Pinterest rejects on the left. Pretty cookies on the right.

I ran on the treadmill during the blizzard days last week and only made it for one outdoor run. As boring as it may be, I'm thankful to have the treadmill as an alternative to freezing my tail off.

Before I weekly wrap it up, I highly encourage you to stop by my gift guide post and enter to win a $100 Swanson Health gift card! And, don't worry, Swanson ships all over the country, too :)

Have a very Merry Christmas! 

I'm going to be away from the blogosphere for a couple weeks but keep in touch by following me on Instagram. Here's to my last #weeklywrap of 2016 and we'll be in touch next year!

{Weekly Wrap: 12/05-12/11}

12/05 MON: (Treadmill) 5.03 mi, 00:45 @ 08:56 pace. We're all about the Christmas specials in this house. Watched "Rudolph's Shiny New Year" with the kids while running.

12/06 TUES: Runner's Yoga (25:28)

12/07 WED: (Treadmill) 4 mi, 00:32 @ 08:02 pace. Still blizzarding. 400's on the treadmill while watching Veggie Tale's "Little Drummer Boy".

12/08 THURS: Runner's Yoga with Adriene (30:30)

12/09 FRI: 3.11 mi, 00:26 @ 08:13 pace. This was my "frozen 5k" before supper. -2F wasn't terrible but I am not used to the cold yet.

12/10 SAT: Runner's Yoga (25:28)

12/11 SUN: Off.

Do you love or hate the treadmill? Winter running - yay or nay?

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  1. If the temperature were that cold here I'd run on the treadmill too! Those miles still count! Plus you did a ton of yoga... I am loving yoga right now with this injury and not being able to log as many miles as I'd like. I think it helps both mentally and physically. And, you can do it inside...

    I bet the pinterest reject cookies still taste delicious. My stomach would not reject them...

    1. The pinterest cookies were just as good! I'm not sure my stomach rejects anything with sugar in it :)

  2. I love that you make "birthday cookies". One year when we were younger our cousins brought a birthday cake to Christmas dinner at my grandparent's house. When my Pappy asked "who's birthday is it (because we have a large family), my one cousin says "Well, Jesus".

    Do you like living in Minnesota? I bet you get a lot of Snow days, no?

    1. A birthday cake for Jesus sounds awesome! I think we are going to stick with this tradition - birthday cookies or cake OR cupcakes for Jesus every Christmas :)

      I love Minnesota but I can't explain why... It's all I know I guess! We have many snowy days but businesses/schools rarely close down for them. If it's really nasty, I'm more than happy to cancel appointments and stay home rather than drive in a blizzard!

  3. Wow. I haven't ran in cold weather like that since I lived in Indiana! I love the treadmill on super cold days when I can't go outdoors to run and I also love the treadmill because life with 4 kids doesn't always allow time for being outdoors to run. I've logged many miles during nap times and while watching Sesame Street while the littles layed on the couch. (I actually prefer cold weather running even though I hate being cold)
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season and that you stay warm!!!!
    (Loved the cookies btw! We take cookie cutters to bisquits before baking them so the kids have Christmas shapes to eat for breakfast)

    1. The treadmill is a running mom's best friend! Seriously! (that, and the jogging stroller)

  4. 0 degrees, wow! I can't say I've ever run in that cold before!

    1. Without the wind it really isn't that bad. With the wind, it's terrible!

  5. Oh wow look at you! Your like a snow princess!
    We use to make Jesus a Birthday cake when I was little, thank you for reminding me of that!
    And thank you for joining us each week Amy!

    1. Haha snow princess - I like that, Tricia :)

  6. Where I live, I can get by without a treadmill -- in fact I gave mine away. I love the birthday cookies! They look so festive and it is the reason for the season! When my kids were little, we enjoyed all those holiday TV specials and movies. My husband and I sat down and watched some last weekend...without them. LOL. Thanks for linking, Amy!

  7. Oh brrr- that is cold! I've been really thankful to have a treadmill this week too. It feels so much colder than a typical December!

  8. As much as I hate my treadmill, I am always glad to have it in the dead of winter when the need arises. stay warm!

  9. You looks so cold! Cute, but cold! Great job jumping on that treadmill!


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