How Far Would You Run For Ice Cream?

I hope you had an amazing Fourth of July! 

We are blessed with so much freedom in this country and it is truly something that shouldn't be taken for granted. I am proud to be an American—one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Today has been somewhat of a "recovery day" from our camping trip and a jump back into normal life. Before I share a few adventure pictures I have to ask...

How far would you run for ice cream?

I am SO thankful to have an active family! Seriously, watching our herd fly down the bike path brought me so much joy. With three long boarders, three bikers, one jogging stroller pusher and two little passengers, we were like a mini parade.

After a 10-mile long run on Saturday, we headed out on one more trek, this time to stop at the ice cream shop. We were all pretty well spent by that point but we covered the 2.6 miles there to get that ice cream.

The ice cream was well worth it! So maybe our gigantic chocolate chip cookie + ice cream sandwiches were over the top but I guess we "earned them" in a way. E had his own cup of birthday cake ice cream and W slept through the whole ice cream stop.

After the ice cream (yes, I ate the entire sandwich with a little help from a brother), we stopped by the Headwaters of the Mississippi River for a family photo opp and then travelled the 2.6 miles back to our campsite.

Yes, I would run 5 miles after running 10 miles to get an ice cream sandwich! 

Two Quick Sidenotes: We made an epic sandcastle on the beach and there is a slight chance the adults enjoyed building it more than the toddler did. Then we let the toddlers destroy it.

AND, while I didn't run any races this weekend, I did set a fishing PR. This is the biggest fish I have ever caught! Don't ask me how much it weighs or how long it is... I think it's a perch. I'm definitely not a regular fisherwoman but my husband loves fishing and I was excited to actually catch something edible-sized.

How far would you run for ice cream?
Any special ice cream requirements? What kind would it be?

Here's to my last week of "non-training" and on to training for the Wild Hog 26.2 coming up in September!

Monday, June 27

Walk: 1.75 miles to the park and the grocery store with the double stroller.

Tuesday, June 28

Double Stroller Run: 7.01 mi, 01:01 @ 08:46 avg pace.

Ran with the kids in the morning, then Teeny Ball practice after their quick nap, a tractor ride with Daddy and E's last night of swimming lessons. We ALL slept well that night!

Wednesday, June 29

Strength: 6 x 1:00 planks and 20 reps of side leg raises.

Thursday, June 30

Speed Intervals: 6.21 mi, 00:50 @ 07:59 avg pace. 6 x 400m with 400m jog in between - 7:59, 7:16, 6:54, 7:30, 7:05, 6:38
Strength: Push mowing the lawn while watching the kids. That was a first since W was born!

Last run of June 2016! This morning was windy and cool. 50 degrees felt great compared to heat and humidity! Perfect race day temperature.

Friday, July 1

Double Stroller Run: 1.07 mi, 00:10:54 @ 10:11 avg pace.

After arriving at our family's campsite, I went for a quick run on the board walk to help the 1 year old nap.

Saturday, July 2

Long Run: 10.08 mi, 01:24 08:21 pace.
More Long Run: 5.08 mi, 00:53 @ 10:23 pace with double stroller.

First 5.15 miles with double stroller and then dropped kids off at the camp site and finished the 10 miles without the stroller. Then the extra 5 long run miles were part of the ice cream run! The huge cookie ice cream sandwich was worth it.

Sunday, July 3

REST! Enjoying more camping fun and definitely not running.

Total Running Mileage: 29.45 miles

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  1. Wow, I am super impressed with your 7 mile run with a double stroller!

  2. It sounds like a fun and active camping weekend. Congratulations on that big catch! Did you eat it? I think I'd run those extra miles for ice cream AND a cookie. I don't know how you run while pushing a double stroller. Thanks for linking, Amy.

    1. Sadly we didn't eat my fish :( It was getting late and my husband didn't want to cut it up before getting kids ready for bed. Yes, I asked him to cut it up for me :) I'm not a fan of fish guts!

  3. Ha I love your question, on how far would you run for ice cream. I'd say I'd have to run at least 3 miles to work off some of it! What a fun weekend for you, you know I do love camping! Thanks Amy for joining us!

    1. Ha! I agree, Tricia - I probably needed those 15 miles to work off eating 2 whole cookies and a scoop of ice cream!

  4. How far would I run for ice cream? As far as I have to! Had some after today's workout of HIIT, 9 mile run and then a bike ride.

    1. Right, Tina!? That ice cream sandwich was totally worth the mileage!


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