Father's Day Creations with Simple Calligraphy

The little ones and I have been working on a Father's Day art project this week and my latest book to review, Simple Calligraphy, was a wonderful inspiration!

My oldest did all kinds of hand printing and painting for the background of the project. Then came time for the lettering.

Simple Calligraphy is a short and sweet guide through the basics of calligraphy. Judy Detrick walks you through the art of lettering, numbering and creative flourishes. She equips the reader with the skills to create their own elegant invitations, custom cards and personalized designs.

I do recommend investing in a calligraphy pen if you choose to purchase this book. Seems like common sense, but I didn't have one just laying around!

While I wasn't able to get the full feel of calligraphy, I was inspired by the beautiful typography in this book and used a similar style in our Father's Day creation!

My "freehand calligraphy"... Calligraphy pens are recommended!

The author makes great recommendations of calligraphy tools and supplies for beginners to purchase and she also includes creative project ideas to try.

My first set of calligraphy pens are on their way and I'm looking forward putting the lessons in Simple Calligraphy to work!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are my own. 


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