Keeping the Habit

Currently, I'm in that awkward space of "time off" between two marathons. I have had plenty of time to recover from the Fargo Marathon yet it's not quite time to jump into training for the Wild Hog Marathon.

Not a huge dilemma here. It just feels weird to run without a training plan. Like I was in the groove and now I'm breaking a good habit. (Uh, not good!)

British educator Charlotte Mason has written a lot on the formation of habits in ourselves and our children as well. The below quote sums up the habit:
The fact is, that the things we do a good many times over leave some sort of impression in the very substance of our brain; and this impression, the more often it is repeated, makes it the easier for us to do the thing the next time. - Charlotte Mason (Vol. 4, Book 1, p. 208).
The more often we repeat something, the easier it is to do the next time. Making time to run the training miles has formed a habit; turning running into something I enjoy rather than a burden.

Taking a "break" from a habit makes the day feel like it's missing something. I have noticed that with other habits as well - if I miss my usual time of Bible reading and prayer, I know I need to get creative to make it happen. My day without time in God's Word feels empty!

Though it takes discipline to get through the early weeks of forming a new habit, reaping the benefits of a good habit is worth the efforts.

Here are a few daily habits that are important to me:
  1. Prayer and Bible reading. Using index cards to remember daily prayer concerns. Remembering is my biggest struggle! 
  2. Exercise. Running, strength training, cross training or stretching. 
  3. Flossing. I like flossing :) 
  4. Cleaning. Working on a "focus zone" each day to keep things from piling up (i.e. Tuesday = bathroom cleaning day... oh yay!).
  5. Projects. Make time to work on a card or letter to family/friends, pray for someone, design something, encourage someone, actually write in the kids' baby books.
What is a habit you are maintaining or working to form?

Monday, June 13

Easy-Effort: 5.25 mi, 00:48 @ 09:03 pace. 1:00 x 6 plank variations.

Tuesday, June 14

Progression Run: 4 mi, 00:32 @ 07:55 avg pace. 8:45, 8:17, 7:38, 7:04,
Walk: 1.25 miles to E's first Teeny Ball practice and back home again.

I ran early in the morning and then had a blast watching E at his first Teeny Ball practice! There were so many kids that showed up and watching toddlers run is a mix of adorable and hilarious :)


Wednesday, June 15

1:00 x 6 plank series.

Thursday, June 16

??? I can't remember but I know it wore me out. Likely lots of walking AND s'mores!!!

Friday, June 17

Warm-Up:  0.67 mi,  00:05:33 @ 08:17 pace. Strength training circuit x 3 with 10# DBs.

I did my morning warm-up lap and ran home because the downpour was starting. The lightning was beautiful but a little too close for comfort! And them started the hard rain, totaling at 1.4 inches in one hour.

Saturday, June 18

Long Run: 8.1 mi, 01:09 @ 08:28 pace.
Walk: 1.5 mi (or so) while visiting with a friend.

I debated on running 10 miles but talked myself out of it. Remember, no training yet!

Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day!!!

Total Running Mileage: 18.02 miles

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  1. I have a list of daily things to do/work on and typing is one of the things I try to improve each day. The s'mores look good!

  2. I'm enjoying my time off from training. I am doing the runstreak so I'm still running just not having to do more if I don't want too! I've also been upping my strength training and participating in more classes that I couldn't when I was focused on racing.
    I would like to establish a routine quiet time as I do know without it, I struggle in every aspect of my life!

  3. I've been in an in-between races mode too. I feel better when I stay consistent (keeping that good habit). I substituted some of my runs with cycling and a little swimming too. It was different but gave me the opportunity to complete that Tri. I hope you weren't in that downpour very long! That is a lot of rain. Thanks for linking with us Amy!

  4. I know the feeling of being between races! That's a good time to work on all the other things that I want to do like house work and what not. When I'm training I have very little time to focus on anything else. I need to find a better way to balance


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