Our State Park Adventures

It's June already... How can this be?!

I have been taking it easy since the Fargo Marathon and that's the plan for all of June — 3 runs a week or more if I'm feeling it. My goal is to recover well and be (somewhat) rested and ready to start training for the Wild Hog Marathon by July. Runner's Connect has an awesome article on marathon recovery and you should really check it out! Being patient with recovery is hard but it's totally worth it.

Even without running much, I still find that I'm wiped out! Our one-year-old has been fighting a double ear infection the past week or so (and I suspect he had it for a while longer) and it makes for some cranky, long days and nights. Thank God for medicine to heal him up!

This weekend, the kids and I went to visit my parents and we adventured to the nearby state park. We took the kids on a "hike" (slow and short) and I am itchin' to run the trail around the lake someday.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip:

We had a picnic on the beach with ham, cream cheese and pickle roll-ups. Those are my FAVORITE especially when someone else makes them :)

"Let me in the water, Ma!" W is my fearless, determined baby and, if not for the restraint of the stroller, he would have crawled right in.

A breathtaking view over the lake. I could have stood on the dock and watched the water all day. The kids probably wouldn't be as patient though.

The top view of a wildflower. I got a wood tick while wandering into the ditch for this picture but it was worth it! Wood ticks creep me out...

Thankfully, E didn't see this guy. The little snake was dead but he still has such a fascination with poking and touching everything (dead or alive).

I love watching him run! E's running shoe of choice: Spiderman water boots.


Monday, May 30

Easy-Effort w/ double stroller: 3.25 mi, 00:30 @ 09:22 pace.

This was my first run after the Fargo Marathon. My left knee tightened up near the end of the run and I found out it was due to lack of stretching. My IT band on the left side is a little tight still. I need to be more disciplined with stretching!

Tuesday, May 31

No running.

Wednesday, June 1

No running again. Not even a single mile for National Running Day!

Thursday, June 2

Easy-Effort: 3.55 mi.

Easy run/walk with the dog. Beautiful morning! My left knee tightened up at the end of the run again.

Friday, June 3

No running.

Saturday, June 4

Easy-Effort: 5 mi, 00:46 @ 09:07 pace.

This time I made it to mile 4 before my knee tightened up. It's not painful, just more of a discomfort nagging thing. After some foam rolling, all is well!

Sunday, June 5


Total Mileage: 11.8 miles

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  1. Looks like a great week of recovery! Hope your son's ear infection gets better soon! Beautiful pictures from the lake minus the snake! I'm glad E didn't see it too.

  2. You got such beautiful pictures! I'd love to run around that lake as well for sure. That's funny, I am always amazed that my grandson can run so well in his rain boots too. I love when kids dress themselves. Good job being so patient with your training between marathons. Good luck with your knee!!

  3. Sounds like a great recovery week! Hope your 1 year old is feeling better. Ear infections are no fun. Nice pics on your hike by the lake! Hope your knee is ok!

    1. Those ear infections sure are a bugger - I agree!!!

  4. You are being very wise about your recovery. I had ITB pain after my January marathon. It took a few weeks to sort out. The hike to the lake looks like fun. But ticks are not fun. I was running a trail this morning and saw a live snake. Eek. Cute spider man boots! Thanks for linking with us Amy!

    1. A few weeks of recovery is totally worth it to avoid an injury :) Thanks for stopping by, Holly!


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