Training Week 6: Respecting the Rest

Hallelujah, being un-sick feels amazing! And I'm healthy just in time to take care of my family... that is now sick :( Sadly, I must have shared the bug with them.

Today's Question: Is it okay to run while sick? 

I run through the common cold but there are some forms of  "sick" that stop me in my tracks. Achy muscles, fever, chills, congestion and headaches... Bleh!
"If you have flu like symptoms, especially achy muscles or a fever, you should not run. Running with a fever is not only dangerous, but will significantly increase the time it will take you to get back to 100%." -
In the book You (Only Faster), Greg McMillan shared a saying from his first coaching mentor, Guy Avery: "Optimal Stress + Optimal Rest = Optimal Progress". He breaks the formula down here:
"Every training stress (whether an easy run or hard workout) must be followed by an appropriate rest period (recovery with no running, cross training or easy running) in order for the body and mind to optimally increase its fitness." - Greg McMillan, You (Only Faster)

Hard training, lack of rest and, surprise surprise, even those adorable little people running around my house all greatly increase the chances of getting sick.

So there you have it. While being optimally stressed, optimal rest wasn't a priority which led to me becoming optimally sick. Optimally :)

To recover in my sick week, I ate a lot of NuttZo on toast, drank numerous glasses apple juice (and I don't even like juice that much!), went through about a box of Kleenex and joined the kids for a couple naps.

As of today, I'm feeling exhausted from being up with a sick baby with an ear infection — but otherwise I am feeling quite healthy! This week rest and recovery IS a priority. I'm praying that my family can be healed from this bug soon and I'm giving our sick babies extra cuddles.

P.S. Here's the NuttZo Power Fuel + Honey Stinger Caramel Waffle sandwich I promised you! I ate it before the 13-miler and it was SO tasty. On the run, I had the Organic Vanilla Honey Stinger gel, which was wonderful as well.


Fargo Marathon Training Week 6/20:

02/08 Monday - Sick, sick, sick. The best I could do was keep the boys out of trouble and make spaghetti!

02/09 Tuesday - Feeling a little better but the flu-like muscle aches and chills are still lingering. No running allowed. Strength Training: A couple sets of lunges side an reverse lunges, called it good after that.

02/10 Wednesday - Recovery: (Treadmill) 3 mi, 00:28 @ 09:11 avg pace. Back running again after a bout with the cold/flu. My fever is gone so I figured I would try a few miles on the 'mill. Felt good to run again! Now I should probably nap with the kids :s

02/11 Thursday - Off. Still recovering from the nasty cough, very tired.

02/12 Friday - Long Run: (Treadmill) 13.1, 1:51:00 @ 8:23 avg pace. Feeling much better today and decided to go for the long run. Opted for the treadmill over the -32°F windchill outside :s

02/13 Saturday - Off.

02/14 Sunday - Off.

Total Mileage: 16.1 miles

Have you been sick this winter?

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  1. I'm glad your running week ended with you feeling better and getting in a run. Sounds like this week will be even better!

  2. Amy - I can't believe you put in an 13.1 Miler on the treadmill at such a great pace right after coming off a bad cold. Good for you! I think it's good that you took so many rest days this week. It helps to pump up your immune system again. Stay healthy! Great job!

  3. Nuttzo on Honey Stinger waffles? That's brilliant. Too bad the HS waffles aren't gluten free. I love them.

  4. Glad you are feeling better! I missed my last big week of training and last 22 miler for NOLA marathon due to being sick, ugh :( I feel like this winter has been one illness after another thanks my daughter bringing home germs. Good luck with Fargo, I ran it a few years ago.


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