Much-Needed Encouragement for the Momma's Heart {Book Review}

Motherhood is HARD. Like harder than anything I have ever done before.

I don't write or talk about the challenges of motherhood often because A.) I don't want to sound like I'm complaining - I adore our boys! and B.) It usually opens the door up for the "just wait 'til" comments from other parents.

BUT, if I can encourage other moms by being honest about my mommy-struggles, I am happy to share. That's exactly what Becky Thompson does in her book, Hope Unfolding.

Becky's writing is real, honest and from-the-heart. Hope Unfolding was very encouraging to me because I could totally relate to her mom struggles and she gave me a new perspective on God's heart towards mommas.

Reading Hope Unfolding while cuddling my sick babies

What's one of my struggles as a mom?

I wonder if I'm doing the "right thing" daily. The Enemy whispers lies that make me feel like I'm alone in this; like I'm going to "ruin" our kids. He tells us lies like "all the other kids' moms are doing it this way and I'm not... I wish I could be a good mom, too." 

The truth is that I won't ever be the "perfect" mom.

Becky points out that by surrendering our hearts to the Lord and asking Him to help us parent our children, we acknowledge our dependence on Him and also our desire to be the best versions of ourselves for the betterment of everyone around us. Our kids need Jesus just as much as we do!
"Everything you have been through has been preparing you to be this momma to these kids and this wife to this husband. God has been shaping your heart and conditioning your spirit so that you are fully equipped to handle everything about this moment in your life." Becky Thompson
She encourages the reader to believe that you are a GOOD mom. Yes, say it out loud and claim it! That is something I need to do daily and I encourage you to as well!

I highly recommend this book to all the mommas (and mommas-to-be) out there in whatever season of motherhood you are in. The road can be bumpy and we all could use some godly encouragement!

Learn more about Becky Thompson and pre-order Hope Unfolding!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are my own. Linking up with Mommy Moments.


  1. MomHood is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done (I have been a mom since I was 21 ) but absolutely the best thing I have done :) My kids no I am not perfect but I am their biggest cheerleader and they no I LOVE them to the moon and back. :) It's nice to see that love come back to you as they grow older :)

    1. That's the best, MB! Being their cheerleader and loving them unconditionally is so important :)


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