Meeting Our Midwife & 12/13 Weeks

We met our midwife last week for my 12 week appointment and it was so great to meet her in person! I had contacted her back when we first started trying for Baby #2 in October 2013 and she was so helpful to answer my questions, even if it was over Facebook messaging. (See, there are a few good things about Facebook!)

One of my biggest concerns was that she wouldn't work with us since E was born at 35 weeks. Because he was born without any complications, having a homebirth is an option for us this time around. He is our miracle baby! The doctors were shocked that our "preemie" would score a 9/9 on his Apgars. All the glory goes to God!

Why We Chose a Homebirth This Time

  • It's a better fit for me personally. Homebirths are not for everyone and I totally understand that! I'm most comfortable with having our baby at home in a more relaxed environment.
  • Water birth is an option. This wasn't a possibility in the hospital where we had E and I was really hoping for a water birth. Even sitting in the tub at home helped immensely with the contractions!
  • Our midwife is there for support. She is a great listener and we are on the same page with our faith, thoughts on natural birth and doing our best for this baby. This is a huge improvement from pregnancy #1! If this baby does decide to come early, she will accompany us to the hospital, too. Even early in this pregnancy, the extra support has made such a difference. 
  • Less push of interventions. The hospital did respect my decision to have a natural birth with E, but my doctor and nurse were a bit skeptical of our decision. They offered a couple more times just in case I changed my mind. In our hospital, it was the norm to have interventions but homebirths are focused on a more natural pain management/birthing approach.
  • We can take our time. If labor goes longer than it did with E, it's okay! As long as I am progressing, we can take our time and not be on a "deadline" to have baby. Despite being 5 weeks "ahead of schedule" with E (and we didn't make it to the hospital until I was 8 cm dilated!), our doctor still wanted to hurry the birth along.
Our midwife gave me "The Christian Childbirth Handbook" last week and it has proven to be an awesome read so far. The book covers a wide range of topics from God's design for pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition and exercise recommendations, birth planning, pain coping strategies, information on labor options, caring for your newborn and so much more information.
"Only God creates, but He has chosen you to co-create another human being with Him. In essence for nine months you and your baby are one body. Wow, what a miracle you are chosen by God for, sharing this miracle of creation with Him." Jan Tritten, founder and editor of Midwifery Today.

Want more information on natural childbirth? Check out the Business of Being Born (you can even find the whole video on Youtube)!

Pregnancy Week 12/13: Baby #2

Cravings: I could eat egg salad on toast every day and popcorn maybe every other day.

Aversions: The thought of cooking certain foods makes me nauseous.

Eating: Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day.

I'm Feeling: My energy level was on the rebound but I've been on a streak of a couple sick days again! And here I thought I was in the clear.

Sleep: I'm doing my best to wake up early for time in prayer and then to run before the family is up. E has been having a hard time with teething so I've been up with him at night. Guess I'm just practicing for having a newborn again!

Physical Changes: My belly is growing like crazy. Our midwife pointed out that my uterus is already up to my belly button! Wow... things are moving so much faster this time around. Something I noticed yesterday is that my blushing has returned. I blush pretty easily anyways, but when I'm pregnant I blush over everything! It's kind of embarrassing sometimes!

Weight: Up 4 lbs. from pre-pregnancy weight.

My Prayer for Baby: "Lord, thank You for this Baby and the joy of sharing our news with family and friends. Guide Baby's development as his/her digestive system is developing this week. I pray that our children are protected against allergies. Give our children compassionate hearts and a Christ-like attitude towards family and everyone they meet. Thank You for the blessing of being a mom to E and our little one #2 and for giving me such a supportive husband! Amen."
When He [Jesus] saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. MATTHEW 9:36
Last Week's Workouts:
Monday: 3.15 miles on the treadmill, 9:31/mile average.
Tuesday: Gina Aliotti Pregnancy Circuit Training: Intermediate x 3.
Wednesday: 3.25 miles in the wind/snow with the dog, 10:00/mile average.
Thursday: Off. Zero energy, sick stomach and a big ole headache.
Friday: 3.1 miles on the treadmill, 9:40/mile average, plus strength training.
Saturday: 4.13 miles outside with Saul (dog), 9:41/mile average.
Total Mileage: 13.63 miles

Have you seen the movie, "Business of Being Born"?
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?!

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  1. I love your prayers for the baby & your family! :) Beyond excited!

  2. Homebirths are so intriguing to me! I had a VBAC with my last in a hospital and it was such a hassle to fight with their timeline but I did it! I wish you all the best.

  3. I'm not a candidate for homebirth, but it seems like the ideal scenario. Enjoy this time :)

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I'm praying I can make it to 37 weeks this time so we can have Baby at home :)

  4. Good for you. My husband said his grandmother was a midwife and that she was very good at it.

    1. That is really cool! Midwifery must have been so much more popular back then! My great grandma had all of her babies at home and her mother-in-law actually stepped in as a midwife/doula.

  5. I had a home waterbirth and (Midwife) with Mirella and it was absolutely amazing. I had a great waterbirth with my son at a birthing center within a hospital, but having my daughter at home was the best thing we ever did. I was way more relaxed and my daughter was born in the middle of the night while my son was sleeping. When he woke up, he got to meet his baby sister! It was perfect!

    1. Oh wow, that would be ideal - to have the baby while E is sleeping and have things go smoothly! I'm praying for a smooth birth and we will hopefully have grandparents here to watch E, if he is awake :)

      The relaxed/low-pressure environment of a homebirth is really one of the main draws for me!

  6. Eeek!! First off, I'm so glad you commented on my blog because I may not have seen this otherwise. We went with a midwife & doc practice with our first (now 15 months old), so I knew I would want to do that again. I loved having a midwife and I believe with their help was able to have a medication free water birth at a hospital. Second, I'm 13 weeks along too!!! We haven't announced it yet, but probably will very soon. Most of my family & friends know, but I couldn't decide on how I wanted to do the "announcement" picture (haha!). Congratulations & what are the odds that two For Two Fitness ambassadors will be due so close together!!

    1. So glad you stopped by, Elizabeth! I'm excited to follow your pregnancy journey AND for us to have our first home birth experience :) Congratulations to you and your family on Baby #2!


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