And They're Off!

Eli and I leave early this afternoon for the marathon! Leo won't be joining us because they're smack dab in the middle of beet harvest still but the end is near. He'll keep tabs on me, though. Mr. Eli has been a wonderful training partner and has joined me for the majority of the training runs. What a good sport! Maybe someday, he'll want to run himself.

Smiling with my little man :)
Honestly, the nerves are sneaking up on me a bit. It's been +1 year since I ran Boston in 2012 and, here we are, 26.2 miles to cover tomorrow. Then again, it's just 26.2 miles. I found this image on Pinterest and it offers great perspective - at least I don't have to pull a sled!

Marathon Goods

Marathon "goods" are always nice; sometimes called "swag", but swag just isn't something I will ever have. I was excited to see they shared the finisher's shirt and medal design! Very cool - lumberjack style. If you aren't familiar with the area, the location of the marathon is known for their Paul Bunyan and Babe statues.

Finisher's Shirt and Medal

Well, I'm off to pack up our stuff - mainly Eli's. He takes up much more suitcase space than me! And, of course, paint my nails. I always paint my toe nails before runs. Why? I don't know; maybe it will cover up any damage I do to them tomorrow. I used to do that before tennis matches in college, too. Pretty nails just may contribute to sport performance!

What do you do the day before a race or event of any sort?

Running Recap - Final Week of Marathon Training

M - 4 mile tempo interval run with jogging stroller and Eli.

T - Rest.

W - 3 mile tempo interval with jogger.

H - Rest..

F - 1 mile easy run without jogger! Leo and Eli were sleeping in :)



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