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Disclaimer: I received the Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels and Endurance Formula in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As a BibRave Pro, I received another round of the Gatorade Endurance New Flavor Pack. I reviewed these flavors in June and I'm back again for more because, yes, it's that good!

Being an injured runner and all, my most "intense" training sessions now take place on the stationary bike. I'm okay with that for now as I am seeing progress as my injury heals and I'm still able to cross train and run lightly.

Here is how I use the Gatorade Endurance Powder and Gels in my everyday workouts:

I use the Endurance Energy Gel for long workouts (1+ hour) because they are easy to carry in my pocket and offer a tasty mango boost of carbohydrate energy. When I ran 2+ hour long runs, I stuck to fueling every 45 minutes or so with a gel. That's just personal preference really. The key with gels is to make sure you take them with water, not a sports drink! (As all you runners or endurance athletes know already) 

The Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels are so light and smooth in texture that I don't feel like I need to drink water with them but I do just as a precaution. I would rather play it safe than be in GI distress. At 80 calories per gel, the Endurance Energy Gels pack about 20 less calories than gels I have used in the past. The upside of that is this gel feel is much lighter while other gels can feel like you're sucking down a tube of toothpaste!

The Gatorade Endurance Thirst Quencher Powder is something I use pre-workout when I head out early in the morning with no time for breakfast, during-workout while running or biking and sometimes post-workout if I feel like I sweated buckets and need to re-hydrate extra well.

While I don't usually like sports drinks, the watermelon flavor of this Thirst Quencher Powder has me hooked! It's a nice balance of sweet with a little "zing". Not sour really, just a zing. Think Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavor. It's refreshing and drinking it first thing in the morning before a run sits well with me.

I mix 2 scoops per my water bottle because I like a little stronger flavor and that's about 90 calories to run on. It's REALLY good!

The Endurance New Flavor Pack is available for $52.99 as a one-time purchase on the Gatorade website and shipping is currently free on orders over $50. That includes a 32oz canister of Watermelon Endurance Thirst Quencher Powder and a pack of 21 Mango Endurance Energy Gel (1.3oz per gel).

How do you fuel? Are you a "gel person"?

GF 1/2Marathon Training W11

Follow my journey as a I train for the Grand Forks Marathon coming up at the end of September. This is my 11th marathon but first time using Hansons Marathon Method for training!  Injured at training Week 7 and now rehabbing + maintaining fitness for the half marathon.


10.23 mi W11D1 Cycling + McMillan Runner’s Core Phase 1


W11D2 (Treadmill) Easy Run 5 mi 00:50 09:54 pace feeling good and getting more comfortable.


W11D3 00:25 Runner's Yoga by Ekhart Yoga (YouTube). On a whim, I registered (not to be confused with "got accepted"!) for the 2019 Boston Marathon with only a -3:43 cushion for my qualifying time. Boston would be an amazing trip for just the hubs and I to go on (the 3 kiddos are old enough stay with Gma & Gpa AND I'm not pregnant!). Yes, just us two alone! But... downside is Boston's applicant field is apparently huge this year. The cutoff last year was -3:23 and it's supposedly going to be -4:00+ this year.


W11D4 Easy Run 3 mi 00:30 09:53 pace outside early this morning. I can tell my groin/pelvic/leg (whatever it is that I should call this) injury is healing up, though I could use more time off running to get back to 100%. It feels very similar to tendonitis that I have had in the past . Running slow feels best and I think it's time for more biking/core work to finish the week.


W11D5 Cycling 10 mi 00:30 20.0mph pace at hard effort (7 resistance) followed by McMillan Runner's Core (P1).


W11D6 Easy Run 4.19 mi 00:42 09:58 pace with double stroller. E rode bike with us for the first mile but he ran out of “gas” quickly. My hubs was home after so I dropped him off and ran 3 more with the littles. 11:08, 10:40, 9:17, 9:00.



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  1. I keep a tub of Gatorade Endurance powder in my cabinet. I haven't found the watermelon flavor yet, or at least not the last time I bought from Amazon. I think you've played it smart with your injury and will be fully healed soon. Fingers crossed for Boston! Thanks for linking.

  2. Boston is going to have to alter those BQ times. It's just too heartbreaking for people to qualify and then be denied. Kind of crazy how people are getting faster!

    I trained with Gatorade Endurance for my first marathon because that is what they offer on the Chicago marathon course. Then I switched to Tailwind. I don't do gels and Tailwind is the only fuel that agrees with my stomach. Sometimes even that makes me nauseous.

  3. I haven't used the Gatorade kind. I only have ever used the GU packets.


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