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Disclaimer: I received the Brilliant Reflective Family Pack in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Here we are, saying goodbye to our long, sunny Summer days. A little sad isn't it? I always say, if it weren't for Winter being so close behind it, Fall would be my favorite season of all. It's beautiful. The leaves changing, the delicious pumpkin-flavored everything, the perfect temps.

Then, tragically, it flies into six months of winter weather and I'm just not ready for that.

The sunlight hours are shortening and that means my morning runs (when I CAN run) are completed 100% in the dark. No sweet sunrise moments here. It also means that the kiddos are still up and playing outside as the sun is setting, if they happen to evade bedtime long enough.

As a BibRave Pro, I received an assortment of Brilliant Reflective Strips including stick-on, iron-on and a family pack to brighten up the dark months head.

Brilliant Reflective offers both Stick-On and Iron-On strips, and I have had great results with both (this isn't my first rodeo with either kind!). Both types of strips are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material which makes them very bright — visible from up to 500 ft — and highly durable — waterproof and removable if needed.

The Stick-On Reflective Strips are ideal for placing on bikes, strollers, helmets, dog leashes/collars and pretty much anything else you can think of. Simply peel off the backing and apply. I used the stick-on strips for my kids' bike helmets and bikes.

The Iron-On Strips are designed for permanent application to clothing, bags, and pretty much anything else you can iron. Simply following the directions outlined in the packaging makes application a breeze.

This is the only reason I ever use my iron. Can you tell? (guilty as charged)

According to the Brilliant Reflective website, the iron-on strips are machine washable for up to 50 washes. The key is to get the initial ironing job done correctly the first time. When ironing my running top (in the below picture), I must not have had my iron hot enough and one strip did peel loose slightly during the run. Before throwing it in the wash, I quickly re-adhered it with my iron and VOILA.

Now it's stuck for good!

I used my iron-on strips with this outfit and took it out for a spin the next morning. I'm just glowing, right?

Here we are, the kids and I looking brilliant in our Brilliant Reflective strips. Yes, this does mean they were outside past bedtime (again...) but we're making memories here, okay? (And we're "helping" dad build a backyard treehouse)

The Brilliant Reflective Family Packs are $14.95 for 10 Stick-On shapes with four color options available. The kids loved the shapes and of course they fought over who got the reflective lightning bolt! The elephant stick-on was the second favorite :)

Use discount code "BRP30" for 30% OFF the Brilliant Reflective Segmented and Family Packs and be sure to stop by #BibChat on September 25th for a chance to win your own pack!

Guess who got the lightning bolt? Yeah. This guy.

What is your FAVORITE thing about Fall... Coffee? Cool Temps? Races?

GF 1/2Marathon Training W10

Follow my journey as a I train for the Grand Forks Marathon coming up at the end of September. This is my 11th marathon but first time using Hansons Marathon Method for training!  Injured at training Week 7 and now rehabbing + maintaining fitness for the half marathon.


W10D1 Cycling 10.3 mi, 00:30 @ 20.6mph pace.


W10D2 Cycling 10.51 mi, 00:30 @ 21.0mph pace (resistance @ 6)


W10D3 00:25 Runner's Yoga by Ekhart Yoga (YouTube) after being adjusted at the Chiropractor that morning.


W10D4 Cycling with Easy/Hard intervals 10.34 mi, 00:30 @ 20.7mph pace + McMillan Runner's Core - Phase 1


W10D5 Easy Run. Yes, RUN!!! 3.1 mi, 00:30 @ 09:44 pace. That wasn't exactly my original plan but I was bored with the bike and felt like an easy run in the rain. It had been a while since my last run and I wasn't sure how it would go. The dog came for the first .5 mile, then he was over it. Dropped him off at home and kept going.

I ran the majority of the time and even snuck into the 8-min mile zone! I'm feeling big improvements but it's clear whatever ligaments/tendons/muscle were injured need more time to heal. The plan is to keep biking mixed with core work and yoga; then try another test run next week. The victory in this is that there was no technical "pain" but I do feel some tightening as the run goes on and stiff post-run. Seeing small improvements like this makes me feel much more hopeful!


W10D6 Cycling 10.69 mi, 00:30 @ 21.4mph pace at an easy-ish pace while feeding baby banana chunks and baking a pizza. Multi-tasking! + McMillan Runner’s Core Phase 1 that night.


W10D7 Easy Run 6.01 mi, 00:59 @ 09:47 pace with double stroller (but one kid). Went well even with the wind and I didn’t have any pain in my leg/groin injury! I kept the pace easy and felt better as the run went on and I warmed up. I do feel still and really cautious still but VERY glad to be back running!

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  1. I have some of those reflective strips that I won from another Bib Rave pro. I just found them the other day and I need to try them out!

    Glad to hear you had a good run!

    1. They are so handy and easy to use! Glad you got to try them, Wendy :)

  2. We sell those reflective strips at work! I've wondered about trying them...maybe I'll pick up a pack! I really need to be better about being seen in the dark, especially since I start my runs so early.

    Sounds like a good week in training!

    1. Definitely - they are a must on those dark early morning runs!

  3. Good work looking after yourself and not pushing it too hard. I feel like I've missed your injury so I'm sorry to hear about it now and hope you heal quickly.

    1. Thanks, LyzzyBee! I'm trying to be patient - though it certainly doesn't come naturally to me... haha

  4. I think the strips are a brilliant idea (get it??) since you can put them on practically anything. It's great to hear things are improving with your injury. Fingers crossed you'll be back to full speed (get it??) very soon. Thanks for linking!

    1. Ha :) You are a goof, Holly! I hope to be back to "full speed" at least by the Spring!


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