The 5 Mile Dachs Challenge | Fun Run Box Review

Disclaimer: I received this Fun Run Box to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because the weather is absolutely perfect for running (cool but not freezing), everything is pumpkin spice-flavored and a year's worth of running/training is coming to its peak.

Last year was full of marathons but this Fall has been quite different with Baby #3 due in ±7 weeks. No marathons for me but I have had a new challenge to keep me up and running!

As a BibRave Pro, I received the Oktoberfest 5 Mile Dachs Theme Box, my first-ever online running challenge! Each participant is assigned to a "team", mine being #FRBTeamDoxie.

My challenge box arrived at the end of August and included the following goodies:

  • Headsweats "5 Mile Dachs" Technical Soft Trucker Hat
  • Themed FRB Technical Fabric Short Sleeve Running Shirt
  • Empower Travel Roller
  • Regrained Sustainable Supergrain Bar
  • Jelly Belly Draft Beans
  • Race Bib
  • Dachs Magnet
  • and the challenge details

If the shirt still fits, wear it! At least it fit at 29 weeks pregnant...

The 5 Mile Dachs Challenge is running from September 1st through 30th and features both Team and Individual portions. Participants compete in 6 different photo categories via social media and one photo from each category will be declared the winner on October 1st. Each individual winner will receive a $50 gift card to the Fun Run Box Shop!

Photo categories include sharing a selfie with your FRB 5 Mile Dachs Trucker Hat, posting a shot of your 5-mile run results and many others with corresponding hashtags.

My own mini Dachs when she was a pup! Representing #FRBTeamDoxie

The Challenge includes a 4-week challenge guide with specific goal running workouts (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), such as the Over/Under and Pace Cut, leading up to the big 5 Mile Dachs run. Participants also gain access to the support and motivation of the FRB Facebook Group and challenge app!

The challenge workouts are logged into the Fun Run Box Challenge Tracker where Team and Individual points are tracked.

Well, I did it! The 5 Mile Dachs is complete.

(Full disclosure: I actually ran the 5-miler at the beginning of the challenge instead of the end. Baby is getting bigger each day and I figured I should run long while I was still comfortable doing so...)

The 5 Mile Dachs Challenge has been a great way to stay motivated this month. The Headsweats Trucker Hat and technical FRB t-shirt were by far my favorite items from this box - very cute and comfortable.

Fun Run Box is only $45 for $70+ worth of gear plus the Challenge. Being my first-ever "online" running challenge, I thought it was fun! I think this is a great running box for those looking for an online support community and extra motivation to fit in a run.

Want to give Fun Run Box a try? Use the code BIBRAVE at checkout to save 15% on your subscription. For a chance to win a Fun Run Box for yourself, stop by #BibChat with Fun Run Box on October 17th at 8 pm CT!

B3 Pregnancy: Week 33 Wrap-Up

Our baby is the size of CELERY this week and things are starting to feel a bit squished. Like my rib cage and my bladder, at the same time!

Baby prep has been overall very successful and I'm thankful to have so much organizing/de-cluttering done at this point. My energy is decreasing little by little as the weeks go on.

Packing a "just in case" hospital bag, re-supplying the birthing kit and storing up some freezer meals are a few last things that need to happen in the next 4 to 7 weeks. Clearly I need to do these things in the morning, before my morning coffee wears off!


2 early morning miles of running with some walking with our dog.


Ekhart Yoga's Runners Yoga video (25:28)


2 early morning miles of running and walking again with our dog. A big storm blew through last night and this morning was damp and quiet. Perfect for being out!


Ekhart Yoga's Morning Bliss Yoga video (21:42)


2 mile run and walk with our pup.





What challenges do you have on your Fall calendar?

Linking up with Holly and Tricia's Weekly Wrap Up.


  1. OMG - your puppy pic is so cute! And so is your profile shot - you look so great!

    1. Thanks, Coco! "Holly" (also called "Weenie") was a sass but also a real sweetheart at times :) I have a soft spot in my heart for Dachsies!

  2. A travel roller is great to have!It's almost time for the big day. Looking good!

    1. That roller is so cute and portable! Maybe it will come in handy during labor for relaxation - never know :)

  3. Great job on staying so active, especially as the tummy gets bigger. You look amazing ;-)

  4. Well done for staying so active, even when your baby is getting bigger! You look so healthy :)

    1. Thank you! Baby is definitely growing in these final weeks!

  5. Wow! Baby is getting so big. You look fantastic! Your mini Dach is adorable. My son's girlfriend has a longhaired. I've never been around one and she is so cute and quirky. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thank you, Holly! Oooh I love the long-haired Dachsies :) Mine was smooth haired but I always wanted to have a long-haired later in life ;)

  6. WOW- how impressive that you are running so much still!

    Dachshund are so, so adorable especially yours!

    1. Slowly but surely! Just staying active helps with the pregnancy so much, whether it's running, yoga, walking, etc :)

  7. What a fun challenge! I love Headsweats hats so I know why that was one of your favorite items.

    1. Totally! This is my first Headsweats hat and I LOVE it. Cute design and comfy enough that I could run a race in it for sure.

  8. I have not heard of the Fun Run Box! How did that even happen! I'm going to check it out!

    1. Definitely check it out! Their new challenge for October just started - a Scavenger Hunt - looks like fun!

  9. I'm always so impressed by you strong running mommas! Doxies are so cute! I sometimes think Lola must have some (and Bandit, too, actually) because of their long backs.

    1. Thank you, Judy! Oh I love Dachshunds so much... minus the catty attitude that mine had :) She could be SO sweet! And then so sassy, all in the same moment ;)


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