Training Week 11: Now For The Easy Part

Race week is HERE! Finally!!!

With only two more short runs left to go, training is nearly over and I feel a sense of accomplishment in that. I survived. And it was fun!

Racing should be the easy part, right? HA!!! Maybe "easy" isn't the right word. More so the short-term effort on race day feels much easier than the long term effort and dedication of 3 months of training.

As for the race, we'll just have to see what that day brings! Currently, the forecast is cool with scattered storms.

Do-able for running yet not so great for all of the farmers. (More rain?!)

Back to the weekend for a mini-recap.

We watched the full moon over our campfire with the neighbors on Saturday night. Then the sun returned with such radiant color on my Sunday morning 12-miler:

I could have used my sunglasses. It was SO bright!

The sky clouded over and the color scheme cooled off later in the run. It's amazing how much the sky changed over the time I was running.

And those wildflowers out on the gravel road... I took a picture of them so I can remember what plant life looks like when the snow is flying 2 to 3 months from now.

Race day goals? My only thoughts have been to stick with the 3:30 pace herd and to run much smarter than my last marathon. All in all, just have fun and then sleep in for the rest of my life after this.

I'm sure every toddler in the world is laughing at my goal of sleeping in :) 


Wild Hog Marathon Training Week 11:

Monday, September 12


Tuesday, September 13

Easy-Effort with double stroller: 6 mi, 00:56 @ 09:18 avg pace.

Wednesday, September 14

Speedwork: (Treadmill) 4.5 mi, 00:34 @ 07:31 avg pace.

2k @ 7:22/mile pace,
1 mile @ 7:01 pace,
1k @ 6:46 pace,
.5 mile @ 6:32 pace,

Thursday, September 15

Strength: Planks

Friday, September 16

Tempo: 6.73 mi 00:53 07:53 pace WU, 2 x 2.75 miles @ 7:42, 7:36/mile, CD

Saturday, September 17

2-mile walk with E biking and pushing W in the trike/stroller thing. Then lawn-mowing and a campfire that evening!

Sunday, September 18

Long Run: 12.01 mi, 01:45 @ 08:44 pace.

Total Mileage: 29.24 miles

Linking up with Holly and Tricia's Weekly Wrap Up.


  1. Goodluck in reaching your goal for the marathon. Hopefully the weather will hold up for you.

  2. Oh wow. Race week is already here!!!!!
    I'll be cheering you along the virtual sidelines!!!
    Best of luck on race day. Just trust the process and enjoy the journey. You got this!!!!
    Looking forward to the recap!

  3. I sure hope you have a great race!!! I can't believe it's already here too! You've done all the training now it's time to reap the benefits!

  4. What pretty wildflowers! You are so ready for this race! I hope you enjoyed this taper week and got plenty of rest (as much as you can with littles). I'll be cheering for you on Saturday morning. Loudly! Enjoy every step. Thanks for linking, Amy!

  5. Yes I admit I stalked er followed your progress during your race and oh my a big CONGRATS is in order!!!I am so proud of you, super mamma!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to read your race report!!!

    1. Thank you, Melissa!!! 😁 You're encouragement means so much to me!


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