Photographs From The Edge with Art Wolfe {Book Review}

People of all ages appreciate beauty, whether it be a painting, classical music, photography or nature. My family has enjoyed paging through the beauty in Art Wolfe's book, Photographs from the Edge.

Wolfe's photographs take you on a journey across the world from mountain peaks and lava beds to indigenous tribes and wildlife. Wolfe and Sheppard share the story behind each photo along with information about the subject and photography tips.

Reading Blueberries for Sal (numerous times a day!) has spurred on our 3-year-old's fascination with bears. Lately we have been admiring all of Wolfe's bear pictures to learn more about the mother and cub that Sal encounters on her blueberry picking excursion. His wildlife pictures are absolutely amazing and the story behind each one makes them even better!

Photographs from the Edge is a breathtaking portfolio of Art Wolfe's work that takes you all over the world while sitting in your own living room. Beautiful work like this is timeless and can be enjoyed by all ages — even the toddlers!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are my own. 


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