My Postpartum Fitness Plan + A Life Hack

Two weeks down and I'm really loving our "new normal" of being a family of four! Today I'm joining up with Jessica and Jill at the Fit Dish link-up but first let me briefly introduce My Postpartum Fitness Plan.

My littlest man is two weeks old!

But it's only been two weeks!?

Why have a fitness plan so soon? I have a plan this time to MAKE MYSELF take it easy. Yes, forced easy-ness and recovery time.

After our first son was born, I started walk-run intervals just after 2 weeks postpartum and ran 5 miles on the 3-week mark. My body recovered quickly after a smooth delivery and everything worked out fine. I ran a marathon 7 months postpartum and finished in 3:37:37. That was a good finish time for me and I even placed in the top 10!


I was exhausted. Longer training runs were more burdensome than enjoyable. In the peak mileage of training, I came down with a nasty sinus infection, missed a week of running and told myself "never again!". I'm running a half marathon this time ;)

Running a full marathon so soon after baby is fine for some women but it just doesn't work for me. Lessons have been learned and this time I'm taking a different approach:

My Postpartum Fitness Plan: Weeks 2-4

My "workouts" over the past week have included:
  • Trying to keep up our house while constantly supervising the boys (the toddler and newborn just don't "play well" together right now!).
  • Playing in the backyard.
  • Going for walks with the boys - Around .5 mile to 2 miles long.
  • Nursing our littlest man around the clock. That has been one serious workout! Baby W is up one pound from his birth weight already and I'm hungry all... the... time.
  • A quick set of assisted push-ups and planks.

Runner's World shared a guide to returning to running after childbirth in their "Up and Running" article and I plan to follow a version of their plan:

Up and Running by Runner's World

My main recovery rule is no running until 4 weeks postpartum. I'm itching to run again and feel more "normal" but I need to get some more sleep before I start up again!

I am still trying to adjust to the wild nightlife of a newborn and waking up for an early morning run just isn't happening right now :)


Now for the Fit Dish link-up, I have one interesting life hack to share with you!

On my last trip to the grocery store, the checkout girl shared something that changed my life. I had to look it up right away when I got home. It just seemed too weird to be true!

The internet confirmed it and, because everything on the internet must be true (heavy sarcasm), I am now a believer in freezing eggs! I haven't tested this technique myself, as our eggs disappear fast in this house, but I hope to test it out soon.

Freezing the yokes would come in handy when making a recipe that calls for only egg whites. Don't waste those yokes - freeze them for later!

Check out the full article on Lifehacker to preserve extra eggs longer:

View full article here.

How do you handle "recovery time" from childbirth, injuries, etc.?
Have you frozen eggs before?!

Linking up with Mommy Moments and Jessica and Jill at the Fit Dish link-up. #dishthefit


  1. You are doing amazing! And, that list of exercises is great! I had disastis recti after my 2nd baby, and still do a little. Sadly, I didn't even know about it until about a year later. SO, those kegels and pelvic tilts will be GREAT for you. Good job easing into things. I know it's so hard, but the time will come. : ) Keep it up. You're so beautiful!

    1. I have heard of diastis recti but I'm not sure how to tell if you have it or not! I'm hoping I don't - but it would be a good thing to check out before doing much for ab exercises.

      Thank you for the encouragement, Jessica! it is hard to take it easy but I know it will be worth it :)

  2. You're doing awesome Amy and your plan looks like your on the road to success. Freezing eggs? I had no idea that is a thing.

    You've got this!

    1. Thank you, Jill! I really appreciate you and the #fitfam!

  3. You look amazing and not tired at all :) The little man is 2 months old, wow! Please give yourself some time to recover and enjoy all these little moments. Loos like a great plan to ease yourself back into running.

    1. Coffee does wonders, doesn't it MB?! I'm not usually crashing now until 6pm or so... similar to how I was while pregnant anyways :)

  4. I had to slow myself down after baby #2 (which was WAY different than my experience after baby #1). It looks like you have a really good plan for keeping balanced. Some days I think picking up after my toddler is a full workout ;)

    1. I agree, Joanna! For the first week, not picking up our toddler was a huge challenge! Of course he can walk around by himself... but then who is supposed to put him in the highchair, load him into the carseat, etc. That just wasn't a worry with baby #1 :) Lifting 28 lbs of toddler is definitely a workout!

  5. Oh my goodness, LOVE this life hack. Had no clue you could freeze eggs. Then again, I guess you can freeze just about anything!

  6. Thanks for sharing your postpartum workout plan, I'm not pregnant but I'm always curious about exercise after pregnancy. That egg life hack is genius

  7. :O! I never would've thought to freeze eggs! That's an awesome idea though--thanks so much for sharing that! :] I'm definitely gonna try it out!

  8. i found you through the life of faith link up and i'm glad i did! i just had a baby boy (he's three weeks old) and am a runner (well. i used to be before i got a bad postpartum/post half marathon injury after my second baby) and am anxious to get back at it!

    congrats on your new little guy!

  9. You guys are just too cute! I just might adopt your postpartum fitness plan :). It's so easy to jump head long into working out again (and I did with the first one), but I don't think I was mentally or physically where I should have been for the same reasons...lack of sleep & breastfeeding is a serious workout especially in the first 6 months.


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