Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Summer is here and the temp has been in the 80's and 90's this week. Heat and humidity feel almost refreshing after such a frigid winter! Our family is battling allergies right now, but we really can't complain about this gorgeous weather.

In a few weeks, I'm running a local 10k with E and the jogging stroller (if the weather is stroller-friendly). This is the first race I've heard of that has something for jogging stroller runners, too.

First place stroller wins a gift card - How cool is that?! That gives some extra motivation to those running with the extra weight of a baby (or babies) + stroller :)

Check out the June Bug Run

Since running the Fargo Half Marathon, I haven't been doing any official "training". I run simply because I enjoy it and push the pace/distance when I feel like it, which hasn't been much with my allergies gone wild. Structured training plans are something I enjoy though running on a whim is refreshing, too.

So, since I mentioned I will likely be racing with E in the jogging stroller, that means I need to "train" (or whatever you want to call it) with the stroller.

Race specific runs = a good idea!

E is my jogging stroller champ. He is so patient!

Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

After E was born, I did a lot of research on our stroller and on running with little ones. Here are a few tips worth sharing:

Thoroughly read your stroller owner's manual. Pay close attention to the minimum age restriction and whether a car seat adapter should be used or not.

Check over your stroller before each use. Loose wheels and flat tires are bad news! If you have a weather shield for your stroller, be sure it fits correctly so baby can breathe.

The weather shield is key for anyone who lives in the northern climates! With the BOB Ironman and weather shield, I can run rain, snow or shine.

The BOB Ironman Single stroller has been absolutely amazing. I highly recommend buying it on sale because quality jogging strollers are spendy! We got ours on a Black Friday sale :)

Fuel for two. Appropriate fueling for both you and your baby is important. Make sure baby stays hydrated and a treat may keep him/her entertained for a few extra miles. On longer stroller runs, I bring water for both of us and a rice cake or apple sauce pouch for E. He loves the GoGo Squeeze applesauce!

Prepare for the weather. This goes for both of you, too. Now that we are in the summer months, E's sun hat goes everywhere with us. The retro sunglasses are great when he decides to leave them on! Be sure to put sunscreen on your baby - especially their little legs and feet that hang out of the stroller!

Baby's got style!

Run with proper form. Running with a stroller is more difficult than running solo. Ease into it and be sure to keep your form in check. Runner's World has great information about buying the right stroller and correct stroller running form. Check out their article for more information!

(Image Source: Runner's World article)

Happy running this week and may God bless your summer!

What are you up to this summer?
Have any upcoming races?
Do you ever run with a jogging stroller?

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  1. Great post! I run with my BOB. It definitely took me a little while to get used to it, but now I don't notice a difference. The only difference is Keenan likes to sit on the front, so I'm' pushing Mirella in the infant car seat adapter and Keenan!

    1. Do you run with a double jogger or does Keenan just hitch a ride on the front of a single stroller?

      I have wondered how it would work running with a double stroller - infant on one side and toddler on the other. The key would probably be running after the infant is well fed and then bringing treats along to entertain the toddler :)

      When we have another baby, I will have to do more upper body/core training to be able to push two kids in a stroller!

  2. The weather shield is a must here, too. It might be "lovely" outside, but then the winds kick up and eek! I'm not sure we'll ever take it off, for we just cannot trust the Washington coast weather.

    1. I'm sure the weather is windy and wet on the east coast! We don't have much for trees around here, so I do appreciate the weather shield as a wind block, too.

  3. These are great tips! I can't wait to run with my baby when she is born this fall!

    1. Thanks, Heather. Bringing my son along in the stroller has definitely made running more fun!

  4. That is so cool that there's a stroller division! Every time I see a mom running with a stroller I feel like applauding. I can only imagine how much difficulty that adds to it (because you already know running is tough for me!)

    1. I am so thankful for the jogging strollers these days! The BOB Ironman that I use is a breeze to run with... unless it's windy or the road is not well packed.

      At the race this weekend, there were a couple women racing with double joggers, too. Hats of to them!!!

  5. Great tips! Stroller running is no joke. A few weeks ago I ran a race with my kids. Although they ran most of it, I still took the stroller just to give them breaks. UGH! I forgot how hard it is to run with that thing when it's loaded up with gear and kids!

    1. True - some days I bring with the diaper bag and a few toys if we make a pit stop at the park. I could see how the weight would add up, especially as the kids get older!!!

  6. I know a lot of moms-to-be! They will love the tips!


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