Guest Post at the Marathon Training Academy

Just before Christmas, an article I wrote about new parenthood and marathon training was featured on the "Marathon Training Academy".

Here's a snippet from the post: How to Beat Training Burnout
"As I signed up to run my sixth marathon, the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon, I couldn’t anticipate how very different this race would be. This would be my inaugural marathon as a wife and new parent.
My post-baby body felt near normal, but I found myself physically and mentally exhausted as I adjusted to being a mom. In the peak mileage of training, I found myself completely burnt out and questioning whether I wanted to even run the race anymore! My desire to run had somehow snuck away. What was I thinking when I signed up for another marathon? Basically, I was burnt out – big time.
Click here to read the entire post!
Guest posting is a great experience - I've learned so much by collaborating with other bloggers. Check it out if you have a chance! The Marathon Training Academy has free podcasts for download about marathon training. Angie and Trevor's podcasts encouraged me to run my first marathon in 2010! I am very thankful for them, their running expertise, and encouragement.


  1. How wonderful!

    I was just contemplating another trail marathon today, but you know... I get to about 16 miles and then I call it a day. That's my magical number, so I think it's best to respect that and not push beyond.

    1. I'm with you there! Around 12 or 13 miles is really my "sweet spot". The mileage starts to sound more daunting after that :) This May, I'm running my first half marathon and I'm thinking that may be a better fit for me while we're trying for Baby #2!

      Trail marathons are AWESOME but definitely challenging! If you live by some nice trails in your new area, just going out for a leisurely jog of any length would be beautiful.


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