One Month to Blue Ox - Training Update

There's only one month left 'til the Blue Ox Marathon! This weekend's long run is a 16-miler, followed by 20 again next weekend, and then begins the taper. Ah, yes, I'm looking forward to the taper...

Back in the "college days"

Old Stompin' Grounds

I may not have mentioned this in earlier posts, but one of reasons I'm excited to run this marathon is that it's in my old college town! I've been out of college for almost 4 years now and, way back then, I played college tennis and thought running 3 miles was long enough. Sprinting and drills were my forms of exercise; things sure do change in 4 years! Another plus is that they have a Caribou Coffee AND Erbert's and Gerbert's in town. The perfect post-race lunch: a sandwich, soup, and a latte. YUM!

What is your favorite post-race or post-exercise treat?

Goal Time

As far as a goal time, I'm not sure what to expect! Training postpartum hasn't been bad; my body actually feels rather normal 6 months later. The hardest part of training as a new mom, for me at least, is the lack of sleep. Eli is 6 months now, but I can't say we are sleeping wonderfully at night yet. Lack of sleep isn't a huge deal for general life tasks, but my body is taking longer to recover from training runs and I have much less spunk and motivation to get up at 5 a.m. to run without the jogger.

But, with less than a month left, I've survived training this far! Might as well give it all I've got and run my last marathon (for a while) the hardest I can. As for a goal time, I'll just say I would like to run somewhere between a 3:30 to 4:00 marathon :) Really, goal times can drive a person nuts. In a marathon (and life), there are so many factors out of our control. My true goals are to not compare this race to my pre-baby marathon times and to just enjoy the simple act of running. And, of course, I'll write a race report!

My Race Crew

My mom, dad, and Eli are all coming to the race; talk about a great race crew! Leo probably won't be able to make it due to harvest, but I'm sure he'll want updates from my mom and dad.

Staying Injury-Free

Cross-training is something I don't always fit in like I should, but it is so important to keeping injury free. Here's a strength training circuit to fit into your day:

How do you fit in cross-training?

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