On The Move

We're moving. We officially live in a new town... TOMORROW.

I'm bummed that this is our last night in the cute little house but am excited for a new chapter in life to begin. Internet won't be happening until October 1st, so this will be my last post for a short while. After that, I will have to share pictures of the new place we're calling home!

On that note, here are some random pictures and a running recap:

Breakfast food with an attitude!
A marathoning mom's best friend - the jogger + weather shield.
And the baby of course :)

Running Recap

M - Naptime Circuit Training Workout 5.

T - 5 mile run with jogging stroller; 4 miles at marathon pace.

W - 7 mile normal run with jogging stroller.

H - 30-Day Shred L1 and major house moving!

F - 7-miler scheduled.

Sat or Sun - The final 20-miler scheduled before race day!

Total Mileage - TBD.


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