Race Report: Fargo Marathon 2024

(Repost from IG with some deets at the end) On Saturday, I ran the Fargo Marathon for Marathon #19! There is a lesson to learn from every marathon and yesterday’s was: Even when things don’t go according to plan, NEVER GIVE UP‼️
Back when the miles felt smooth :) 

I went in with an aggressive “A” goal, overshot my pacing (oye 🙄) and hit a pretty hard wall wayyy too early in the race. After mile 10, I started to fade and knew that my current pacing wasn’t sustainable for the next 16.2 miles. I was passed by many runners at that point and really battled it out in my mind for the rest of the race.

Somewhere around the 25th mile of the race, a half marathon runner yelled, “the lead is only 4 minutes ahead, GO GET HER!” I said, “thank you!”, and gave her a thumbs up but was very doubtful that I could catch anyone with how miserable I felt.
How not to pace a marathon...

I kept trucking at whatever pace I could keep, feeling pretty tense and disappointed in how I executed this race. Nutrition-wise, things had gone well and I skipped my last gel but had enough fuel to carry me through. Passed one female, and then the next in the final stretch to the finish line. I was pretty shocked when I heard the lead biker on the radio, saying that I would finish first.

I ran as fast as my wobbly legs could go - Lord, don’t let me fall on my face here! - and heard my family cheer section on the left. Gosh, it was so good to see them! 

2:57:18. Breaking the tape at Fargo was such a cool experience and was an opportunity I never could have dreamt up back when I ran my first Fargo Marathon in 2011.

Moral(s) of the Story: Positive splits bring the pain, don’t do it! 👎 And, most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP. 👍 I’m so thankful I didn’t throw in the towel in this race. God is so good and sustained me to win this race for my mom - she was thrilled! 🙏
When Strava thinks I ran a 2:55 for 26.2 and says its a PR :) Not today!

Thank you to Dakota Distance for the guidance in training, to my family cheer squad, prayers and to everyone else cheering along the way. The lead bikes, race volunteers, everyone. It was a great day for a race!
Last two pics from the Inforum

------- Notes on the technical things that didn't fit into the IG caption!
I carb-loaded the three days prior to race day using Featherstone's guide again, similar to Blue Ox 2023. Some of my go-to carb-loading snacks and hydration were the Skratch and Liquid IV hydration, Honeystinger Waffles and energy chews from Sam's Club, to switch it up from my usual graham crackers, bagels and bananas.
5:00 am - Half blueberry bagel toasted + PB, half a banana (all I could stomach) & 16 oz of Skratch.

6:15 am - Arrived at race area. Nibbled on Honeystinger Waffle but couldn't take much more; felt pretty good and full from the carb-load.

6:55 am - Waiting in the forever long portapotty line (not in the Fargodome this year! bummer), took a Carmel Machiatto GU caffeinated gel, since I didn’t drink a morning coffee as usual 

7:15 am - Race Start. Gels approximately every 30 min or a little before with water and then powerade at select aid stations. Non-caff Clif Vanilla and a GU Birthday Cake gels taken except for one Berry GU caffeinated gel at the 1:30 mark. I skipped the last gel at 2:30 because my stomach was a bit annoyed and I was over it; felt like I had enough calories to finish off the race as-is. Dumped water on my head, sipped powerade later in the race. 


Goal for Marathon #20: Negative-split or bust. TRUST your training and the process.


  1. AMAZING!!! Big congrats. So impressive how you dug in deep to break the tape.


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