Soaking Up the Sun (without the burn) | KINeSYS Active Sunscreen Review

Disclaimer: I received KINeSYS Active Sunscreen in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Our school year ended, I raced the Fargo Marathon and, then BAM!, summer took off in full swing from there after! I hardly was able to even wear shorts outside while training for Fargo (maybe in the last two weeks or so of training?) and then Minnesota swung from freezing to a whopping 80-90°F streak! 

My initial thought was, "wow, my Scandinavian legs will be glaringly white on race day" (which they were) and, "I sure hope we don't burn like crazy once actual Spring shows up." Transitioning from freezing temps to crazy hot is always a shock to the system. 

This review opportunity with KINeSYS Sunscreens couldn't have come at a better time! Owners Wade and Lisa Heggie have each had past experiences with skin cancers, which led them on a quest to find an effective skin protection for their children and themselves. Their search ended with the proven formula of KINeSYS — better than any other sunscreen they had tried in the past. Their love of the product led them to continue the business as a small family-owned venture. 

I was sent the following KINeSYS products to try:
  • SPF 50 Fragrance Free KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen
  • SPF 30 Clear Zinc with 25% Zinc Oxide
  • SPF 30 Vanilla Green-Tea KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen

From baseball double headers to hours spent at the pool to easing back into post-marathon mileage, we have tested out this KINeSYS line in a variety of activities. My favorite features of their sunscreen options - both spray and the rub-on style - are that they aren't greasy-feeling on the skin and that, if the product does have fragrance, it is a pleasant one and not overpowering. One of the sprays is a fragrance-free option. Sunscreen products often have a strong scent that gives me a headache but not KINeSYS!

For the kids, I used the Clear Zinc rub-on sunscreen for their faces and ears and then used the spray for everything else. I have been fighting with one kid in particular over sunscreen for his entire life because he hates the greasy feeling of it, but he handled the KINeSYS so well! 

I highly recommend adding KINeSYS to your summer adventures! It's been a great sun protection option for myself and my family as well. 

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