Here We Go, Fargo!

Training for the Fargo Marathon, on May 21st, started last week! That has looked mostly like treadmill runs during the week with a couple outdoor runs over the weekend. 

Eventually, I hope to be outside for everything but the crazy cold, icy-packed streets and dark just aren't working for me right now. Soon, though!

If you are unfamiliar with the Fargo Marathon, definitely check out some of my past race reviews (2014, 2016, 2019, 2021) and more on The course is flat, fast and has plenty of spectators (and music) to distract you from the personal pain cave that you may be running through as you push to a new PR. 
Use the code "BIBRAVECOOL6" to get a free Backpack Cooler when you register for Fargo - I hope to see you there! 
Besides the mostly treadmill-based training lately, the build up to this training cycle has been the most consistent mileage that I have ever had! My mileage isn't huge but the base miles have been 30+ for the past 8 weeks (this week should close in at about 35 miles). 

I have also had a nice mix of strength training in there from Heidi at G Personal Training and that sure keeps thing fresh and fun. I'm hoping these changes add up for the better in May!

Training is to be taken one week at a time - life is just crazy and unpredictable with the kiddos, activities going on and family life - but I really enjoy returning to the routine of training. It's the one predictable variable in my life! Ha. Seriously.

Happy running to you and may warmer days be on the way!

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